Sean Buckley
Executive Chairman
Ultra Tune

I was in a real mess tax-wise due to the incompetence of a previous advisor. When I was introduced to ASV Wadeson, they gave me immediate confidence that they could be trusted to help me. Their number one talent is listening - a lost art these days! They really listened to where I was at and what the challenges were, and after giving all the information due consideration, came back with a 3-5 year plan to help me recover.

Jose is hardworking, very intelligent and entrepreneurially savvy. He is a great lateral thinker and comes up with ideas that others don't. His skill in accounting and taxation is outstanding, but importantly his ability to provide commercial advice across a range of entities is invaluable.

Jose was true to his word when he promised me that together we'd work through the problems then rebuild and come out the other side stronger. That's exactly what has happened - I'm a huge fan of Jose!

If you need a trusted advisor, who not only has the expertise but also the heart, curiosity and tenacity to help you succeed, then talk with us.